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About Live Chat Software

mediumThe age of technology decreased the time it takes to send messages from almost a week to just a few minutes. From the old days where mail was still the main form of communication between two parties, electronic mail came into the picture. With a few more tweaks, the email was upgraded to programs having live chat software. This program enables two or more people have an actual conversation on real time. No more waiting for at least three days for a reply, not even a few minutes for your email to be answered. Live chat allows people to talk to each other via computers in the actual time as if you are conversing with each other face to face.

Social media websites have this distinct feature. The term ‘instant messaging’ was innovated. In this type of live chat software, a contacts list is required. This is where you add your friends and contact people and you will be able to see if they are online. If they are, they are available for chat. The concept is like a sheet of paper being passed to and fro you and your friend, except you type out the words on the monitor and your friend is somewhere else. This can be convenient for group projects whose members live far away from each other. The chat software can have two or more people present in a single conversation. You can instantly make decisions, share ideas and agree on things without the hassle of leaving the house and meeting someplace.

Then again, the live chat software in social media sites is used mainly for personal conversations between friends present in the buddy list. The program was eventually shifted into additional features and different set-ups that are more suitable for social websites and blogs.

media chatPresently, live chat software is associated with electronic commerce. Big companies have their own managed websites, with an IT team behind it. With the software, the companies are able to monitor visitors who view their websites. The chat feature enables a representative from the company to converse with the visitor of the website. The customer can inquire about services, ask about the company or have a product of service explained. The advantage is that a customer service client will be able to answer these concerns immediately via chat.

Basically, the software allows the website owners to monitor website visits and activities, receive chat requests from visitors, and answer queries immediately through an icon on the company’s website. An agent initiates interaction with a visitor and the visitor can just post his concerns while the agent answers him back as best as possible. The minute the chat session ends, a report of the chat that took place will be sent to the company for record-keeping.

In today’s generation, companies cope with what technology has made possible. Nowadays, 30% of website visitors expect a live chat program embedded in the site for them to feel the need to stay in the website. It increases customer retention in the website and with the company. 57% of consumers prefer the live chat in the website because of its ready assistance for any inquiries and concerns.

In a way, it monitors the effectiveness of the website and its accessibility to its users. It can also keep track of the usual queries of customers that can be references for future improvement. Most importantly, it enables the company to attend to a customer in need immediately. It reflects that the company indeed values its customers by being able to offer their products and services at any time, in any way possible.