Month: March 2016

No Badge Lanyards, No Press

Badge LanyardsLana winds her way through the masses, holding onto her camera with one hand so tightly people will start thinking that it is her life line. Her other hand keeps a similar grip on one of the badge lanyards, for inside the ID carrier’s clear plastic pouch is a press pass to get her inside the conference building to hear the President of the United States of America give an important political speech.

Lana had jumped on the opportunity to cover this conference the previous day when her boss had called her into the office. Lana’s boss wanted to give her a bigger assignment, something much more important than the various grunt work she had been slaving through for the past four months, and the news reporter Lana’s boss had assigned to cover the conference was gone on a personal emergency. Lana’s boss appreciated her enthusiasm in accepting the job, and handed her one of the much coveted badge lanyards already equipped with the conference’s press pass. Lana promised to get the best camera shots possible, and barely kept herself from skipping out of the office with glee.

Lana smiles as she thinks about how she was way too excited to sleep the previous night. She had gone over the procedures to get into the conference building a hundred times, and lost count of how many times she checked her camera to make sure it was clean and in good working order. One of the badge lanyards with the press pass hung in her closet with the smart and professional outfit she meticulously picked to wear the next day, and it was almost eleven thirty when she managed to get to sleep.

Dodging around some overzealous protestors, Lana keeps her head down and tries to make sure that she does not let them see her camera. She gets in the long registration line with the many other visitors wanting to get into the conference center. Lana inspects the badge lanyard to make sure that the press pass is still safe inside. Once satisfied that everything she needs to get inside the conference building is ready, Lana suppresses doing a little dance. This is a big story that could set off her reporting career. She dreams of traveling all over the nation, and maybe even internationally.

Once Lana finally makes it to the gates, she offers a smile in greeting to the security guard as she holds up the badge lanyard and takes out the press pass for him to inspect and approve. He nods for her to continue on to the building, and she gratefully slips inside the gates, marveling at the massive amount of security going around the building.

Lana continues keeping a tight hold on her camera and badge lanyard, ready for anyone who may request to see her press pass. She is patient, even though she is stopped two more times before even making it to the hall where the President will be speaking. There is another pass check in the hall’s entrance, but Lana gets into the grand conference hall with no problems, and finds the seat marked with her boss’s news company logo.

She fidgets in her seat, very excited for the President to come onto the conference hall’s platform stage to begin his speech. She twirls the badge lanyard around a finger, using her other hand to tap impatiently on her camera. The conference hall fills up quickly, though, and Lana starts taking pictures as soon as the President takes his first step out from behind the background curtains. After today, she thinks confidently that she will be an international, sensational news reporter

One of the badge lanyards with the press pass hung in her closet with the smart and professional outfit she meticulously picked to wear the next day, and it was almost eleven thirty when she managed to get to sleep.

How to Choose Internet Marketing Consultants

Choosing the best internet marketing consultants is essential for the success of your online business. These consultants are responsible for helping you grow the business, so it is important that you find only those experts in the field.

The first step to choosing a marketing consultant is to know what your goals are for the company. What is the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign? Communicate that goal to the consultant and ask how he can contribute to helping you achieve competitive advantage.

Check this guide to help you find internet marketing consultants that will contribute to your business skyrocketing sales.

1. Check the consultant’s familiarity and confidence in using social media to promote a product or service

The consultant should know how to navigate and use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Make sure the consultant has different techniques in getting thousands or better yet, millions of followers to your site.

2. Be specific in knowing what you really want from the consultant

internet marketingIf your business or service caters to a special market, make sure the consultant is aware of it, and he knows how to break in to that market. He should know how to effectively reach out to the largest audience possible.

3. The costs matter

Thousands of consultants are now available online. Finding the right one may take time. Getting referrals from your trusted friends might help you find expert internet marketing consultants at the best price. If you’re not careful, you might end up with a consultant that demands a higher price, but delivers poor value. Listen to the consultant and ask what he can deliver. If he knows what he’s doing, he should be able to justify his price.

4. Check the consultant’s knowledge of the different techniques of promoting a website

He should be highly adept at creating original and engaging content that will attract more users. The consultant should be familiarized how blog commenting, social bookmarking, and posting videos work. He should be able to also tell you how much or which of the techniques are needed in promoting the website.

5. Check the consultant’s portfolio

With so many scam on the internet nowadays, it is important to check on each consultant’s portfolio to find out how long they have been in that business, and how many clients they have helped reach the top.

6. Ask if the consultant has his own website

If the consultant doesn’t have one, move on to the next. Make sure you check out the consultant’s website. Is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional? Are the contents well-written and informative? If the answer is yes, put him on the short list, but check other qualified consultants of course.

7. Check if the consultant understands copywriting

seoBusinesses need great copywriters to help them increase sales. Before considering internet marketing consultants, make sure he knows how to write copy. And check if it is indeed effective. If it is well-written and looks professional, consider him in your list.

8. Ask the consultant how he gives reports to clients

After each marketing campaign, a clear and detailed report must be provided. If a consultant is able to give you a good fulfillment report then shortlist him for the position.

9. Ask if the consultant understands SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential to getting more users for your website. If the consultant doesn’t understand how it works, do not consider him. You will be wasting your time.

Finding a consultant shouldn’t be difficult if you know what you really want and if you know what you want to achieve for your business.